Want to benefit 302 Phalanx Foundation every time you shop with Amazon? Log into Amazon Smile to benefit the 302 Phalanx Foundation every time you make a purchase on Amazon!

Amazon Smile

How It Works

1) Log into https://smile.amazon.com/ with your Amazon Username/Email and Password that you use to make regular purchases on Amazon.

2) Select a Charitable Organization to Get Started by picking your own charitable organization by searching for “302 Phalanx Foundation” in the pick your own charity search bar.

3) Once you have found 302 Phalanx Foundation, click the select button to choose 302 Phalanx Foundation as your charity.

4) Check the box next to “Yes, I understand that I must always start at smile.amazon.com to support 302 Phalanx Foundation Inc” and click the Start Shopping Button. You must always type in smile.amazon.com for a portion of the proceeds of your purchase to go towards 302 Phalanx Foundation. If you log into the normal Amazon.com log in, the proceeds from your purchase WILL NOT go towards 302 Phalanx Foundation.

5) Start Shopping!!!