Anthony PetrucelliAnthony L Petruccelli

Birth Year and Location: 1977 in Wilmington, Delaware
Family: Husband and Father of 2
Education: Concord Raiders class of 1995. University of Delaware 1996-2000.
Passions: Family, Salt Water Fishing (Tuna and Rockfish favored, and tastiest species) Deer Hunting, Ice Hockey, Firearms and self-defense training, Skeet and Sporting Clays shooting with Beretta A300 Outlander shotgun.
Profession: Financial Planner specializing in Retirement Income Streams and Charitable Tax Strategies @ 1847 Financial.
EDC: Springfield XD Mod 2, 9mm and Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm in RawDog Tactical IWB holster on Hank’s Amish 1.5″ Gunner Belt, or Desantis Ankle Rig Holster. SOG Aegis folding knife and Kershaw CQC-5k folding knife.
Ammunition: Liberty Civil Defense 50 grain,2000 FPS, 9mm HP.
Watch: Breitling Chronomat Automatic with Pilot Bracelet.
Concealed Carry Licensed in Delaware, Florida and Pennsylvania with reciprocal concealed carry rights recognized in 35 other states.