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2016 is time to build our community. One of our goals is to have curriculum to develop young adults into strong productive members of society using proper role models and shared activities or experiences. We also plan on having many fundraisers for other local charities because it first starts in our community and making it better. In order to begin this journey we need your help to gather resources such as facilities, funding, subject matter experts, etc.

Anything is helpful. Any donation to us is tax deductible for 2016 and will go towards creating future educational seminars and endeavors!

302 Phalanx Foundation Inc is a IRS recognized non-profit. Our EIN is 81-0790507. Be sure to save the Paypal receipt for tax purposes. If you don’t normally use Paypal, you can still follow the directions on the left to donate without a Paypal account. If you wish to donate property such as land, vehicles, etc please contact us by e-mailing

If you donate $75.00 or more, you will receive a free package from 302 Phalanx Foundation! The package consists of a car sticker, a pin-on button, and a t-shirt! Donate Today by clicking the Pay Pal Button Below:

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