Doug Esham for 302 PhalanxDoug Esham

Birthplace: Wilmington, DE
Age: 30
Family: youngest of 2 boys, father of 2 girls
Hunting/fishing: deer & waterfowl, striped bass (rockfish), crabbing. Hunting/fishing/crabbing licenses in MD.
Outdoorsman: camping, boating, hiking, mountain biking.
BJJ: 4 stripe white belt on the life journey to black belt.
Career: warehouse management for a liquor distributor.
Firearms/weapons proficiency: pistol, AR, shotgun, & knife.
Hobbies/skills: customizing weapons, stippling, anything outdoors, shooting, & spending time with my little girls.

Glock 19 Gen3- custom stippling, XS big dot (standard) sight, OC custom trigger, ZevTech 3lb connector
Glock 19 MOS Gen4- custom stippling, XS big dot (suppressor height) sight, Trijicon RMR, OC custom trigger, ZevTech 3lb connector, ZevTech extended mag release
Glock 43- custom stippling, XS big dot (24/7 big dot) sight, 3lb ghost connector, TLR-6 weapon light
Holster(s): G-Code Eclipse for all 3 guns
Flashlight: Streamlight Microstream
Knife: Emerson/Kershaw CQC-9K
Medical: ITS EDC trauma kit
Miscellaneous: Bic lighter