George Green on 302 PhalanxGeorge Green
Phalanx Position: Chief Engineer
Birth Place: Wilmington, DE
Born: 1971
Family: Wife, Son & Daughter
Survival Skills: Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Shelter Building and Plenty of Weapons for Anything Else, Boxing and BJJ White Belt
Career and Life Skills: Welding and Steel Fabrication
Fiber Glass Infrastructure Design and Fabrication
Marine Infrastructure Design and Fabrication
Armor Design and Fabrication
Gun Smithing
Home and Commercial Construction and Remodeling
Custom Motorcycle and Off Road Fabrication and Repair


Fire Arm: Glock 19, Glock 26, AR-15 Pistol
Knife: Keshaw Emerson CQC 8, Keyshaw Emerson CQC. 7
Light: Steamlite 300 lum
Panther vision 1000 lum
Fire: Green or Bight Colored Bic Lighter, Electronic lighter
Shades: Oakley Batwolfs
Watch Change Regularly
Coms: iPhone 6