Joe Maciey, III
Age: 38
Family: One of Two boys, Father of Two Girls
Hunter: Deer, Sika, Small Game, Waterfowl, (Hunting Licenses in DE, MD), CCDW DE
Angler: Off shore/ Deep Sea
Outdoorsman: Bow Hunting, Camping, Boating, Camping , Tracking
Traveler: Hawaii, Jamaica, Bahamas, St. Lucia, Canada, Mexico, Traveled most of the US states
BJJ: Purple Belt
Career: Project Manager
Education: Associates Degree, Multimedia Design
EDC: S&W M&P , Dead Ringer sight, Hornady critical defense ammo, S&W Shield, CZ scorpion, Leatherman
Deer Hunting: Mathews Halon, Spot Hog Sight, Ke tech stabilizer, Maxima Red Arrows, Scott Release, Thunderheads Broadheads, SKB Bow Case